The seed of Catule Consulting was planted in 2001 when Josh Grahmann crossed paths with Silas Aday at Accenture while working on a multi-year ERP implementation project. Josh and Silas continued to work on projects together for the next six years. Their paths diverged for a few years as they diversified their client portfolios.

In February 2010, Josh left Accenture to start his own consulting company. He continued to maintain a close relationship with Silas, and he convinced Silas to join him in December 2011.

Silas and Josh have focused their efforts over the past four years to build Catule Consulting into a boutique technology and management consulting company that provides high value consulting services while fostering long term relationships with their clients. They have continued to grow the presence of Catule Consulting through an expanded client base, a growing number of employees and through partnerships with other small consulting companies.